The Eccentricity Watch By Cyril Brivet-Naudot

The escapement in Brivet-Naudot’s Eccentricity is an updated version of the libre excentrique (free eccentric) escapement by the 19th century Swiss watchmaker Louis Richard. The original escapement is described and illustrated in Louis Moinet’s comprehensive book Nouveau Traité Général d’Horlogerie. It provides the balance with one direct impulse, similar to a detent escapement. Unlike a detent escapement though, the libre excentrique escapement has two pallets for its locking and unlocking actions. The locking and unlocking actions are controlled by an eccentric table rotating on the balance staff with a large hole on one side, resembling a crescent moon.

Brivet-Naudot’s Eccentricity is a great example of how to make a good first impression in the watchmaking industry. Brivet-Naudot didn’t announce his intention to make the Eccentricity three years ago, nor did he outsource work on his movement and try to engage in marketing deception. Instead he studied hard, set a goal, and got to work.

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